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  2. Mikototsu Week Reminder


    We want your ideas! Please feel free to submit or send us an ask. What theme do you want other people to be inspired by? What prompts do you want a whole entire day devoted to?!

    Submissions will be open for a few more days, and then we’ll have a poll to pick your favorites! ☆ (reblog to spread the reign love of mikototsu)

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    lovers dance when they’re feeling in love

  4. The Ivy Trio x

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  6. Some die Young // A Mikototsu Playlist /// Listen here

    The Oh Hellos - my old heart ///  Dikta - Home ///  Coldplay -Midnight /// Angus Stone - Broken Brights ///  Coldplay - Message /// Coldplay - O ///  Laleh - Some die Young ///  Sea Wolf - Changing Seasons ///  Barcelona - First Floor People ///  Tom Odell - Heal ///  The National - About today /// The Paper Knites - Paint ///

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    It really sucks when your browser is a piece of crap that freezes every thirty minutes and takes with it half of the things your write so when you reopen it you have already forgotten what you wanted to say and only remember it the next day on your way to work where you have no means to write down your ideas.

    Anyway, continuation/addendum to “he’s weird, man”. I kind of wish I could have had it all in one place but oh well, this is what I get for not planning stuff.

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    I remember that at some point Miyazawa said that Tatara, like Munakata, was a strange person, whose interpretation would be up to the viewers and I guess he was right, seeing all his various selves running rampant, from the zen sociopath to the kind of dumb nice big bro. Well that’s a pretty big gap. Here's what my browser ate the other day.

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  9. Calm


    Fandom: K Project

    Relationship: Totsuka & Anna/family

    {fanfic} {ao3}

    I have been thinking too much about Totsuka and Anna’s relationship lately…

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    so totallysharpeyed updates me with the updates of hq!pacific rim au masterpiece, and today i visited her and drew this at her place and fought her PS to add the screentones and yay ola is super cool!!!!  anyway the last update of this ff left me shaking and um. um the daisuga was just too strong/smh sooo yeah also ghostdriftsexcoughs


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    Autumn - official cuddling season.

    Hope my new DaiSuga will keep you warm (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hey everyone! My storenvy is back up and updated with a bunch of new stuff. Thanks for checking it out!!


    Hey everyone! My storenvy is back up and updated with a bunch of new stuff. Thanks for checking it out!!


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    Got it? It’s bc he’s not wearing trousers

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    daisuga+flowers requested by miya on twitter ‘3’ i promised myself to work on details in my works, and to learn how to draw flowers… oh btw. basically each of the flowers i drew here was picked after consulting flower language sites.so: poppy(support, consolaton),gerbera(“you make this world a better place”), white carnation(promise of luck and happiness) and gladiola( when you admire sb’s strenght and temperament) |D or at least thats what the site i went thru stated