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Hey there, my name is Marlet (f/21 years)
And I deeply fell in Love with Sterek.
I study Design at Georg-Simon-Ohm college in Germany.
So there`s gonna be a lot of art stuff from me :D


mikototsu headcanon dump because all the cool kids were doing it and also because of seeing missing kings tomorrow 

+ a bonus mini fic (if that’s what we’re calling it these days) :

[tries to organize this all pretty]

- - - - -
+ It’s no secret that Mikoto loves the flavor of strawberry. Actual strawberries? Not so much. The texture of the seeds is “gross”.
Of course Totsuka has tried to force feed them lots of times. Apparently ‘they’re good for you’ is not a sound enough argument, nor is trying to feed them mouth to mouth or poking king repeatedly in the cheek with the business end of a strawberry.

+ If there’s one thing Totsuka prides himself in it’s putting together elaborate breakfasts. 
This helps in the process of waking lazy lions, but sometimes attracts the presence of other scavenger animals (i.e. the entire red clan).
However, serving Mikoto food in bed always earns extra points. He’s careful not to spoil him this way often because it ends up being counter-productive.

+ In school it wasn’t rare for Mikoto to spare parts of his food for ‘the idiot that keeps following him around’ since Totsuka would go without so often and make excuses. He’d act like he didn’t want the last of that yakitori, but whatever you can have it (shove).

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OH MY FUCKING GOD guys, In the flesh like WHOAH


i havent even watched this yet so. yeah.messing around with colour palettes or sth


i havent even watched this yet so. yeah.

messing around with colour palettes or sth